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Gleisdorfer pumpkin seed

From seed to cleaning - everything an agricultural producer should have and know about pumpkin seed production.

1. SEED - We have a wide range of Gleisdorfer variety sowing seeds. We also provide service seeding in several areas in Poland.

2 ADVICE - Our professionals have extensive knowledge of spring sowing, crop protection and care, all the way to the autumn harvest.

3. COLLECTIONS - We offer harvesting and drying services on modern dryers. With us, you will also purchase a harvester for harvesting pumpkin seeds and a drying room constructed to meet your needs.

4. CLEANING - We offer cleaning services on modern production lines and sell custom-built production lines constructed to meet your needs.

5. PURCHASE - We purchase pumpkin seeds and offer annual contracts for cooperating agricultural producers.


a/ Ozkan-

Machine Description:

- Name: pumpkin seed picker OKHM-B2

- Function: it is used to select hulless pumpkin seeds (option to select pumpkin seeds in shell) with rinsing function

- Machine with declaration of conformity with the requirements of the European Union - CE

- Dimensions:

- length: 4300 mm

- width: 2100 mm

- height: 2700 mm

- weight: 2900 kg

- Equipment:

- hedgehog-type wheel

- seed tank with a capacity of 1100 kg

- water tank with a capacity of 400 l


b/ ascon

–  Power requirements from 100 hp

–  Weight approx. 6850kg

–  Dimensions approx. 6.2 x 2.55 x 3.4 m

–  Working width 4.95m

–  Capacity of up to 1400 kg of dry seeds per hour

–  Hydraulic supply switched from tractor with load-sensing or fixed pump 

–  Necessary control devices: 1x double-acting and 1x single-acting with pressureless return

–  Stainless steel grain tank with a capacity of 2.6 m³

–  Unloading time only 01:45 min

c/ Dryer for drying pumpkin seeds, cherries and vegetables, herbs, etc.

The design of the chambers can be as follows: RAL powder-coated carbon steel, SS304 stainless steel. The customer can choose which elements will be made of what.

The floor is made of perforated sheet metal with a mesh of 4 mm. If you choose a different mesh size, there is no problem.

The dryer can operate in semi-automatic mode and PLC automatic mode. The semi-automatic mode is that the mixing unit moves without the need for an operator, but after reaching the critical end point of the chamber the mixing unit stops, after which the operator must perform the procedure of moving to the next chamber or reverse the gear to make the mixers perform work in the other direction. The automatic version excludes the need for an operator to be present during the mixing process the mixing unit works independently.

The process of selecting the stone is based on the fact that the mixer unit is hidden in the head of the dryer, while in this place the screw feeder is lowered, whose task is to transport the dry stone to the conveyor outside the dryer.

The dryer as standard has provision for emptying by means of an auger and conveyor belt running along the dryer, while it is possible to customize the way the seed is picked according to the customer's wishes.

The dryer can be divided into chambers or can be without any divisions. We divide the chambers in case the customer provides services or does not want to use the entire area of the dryer.

Dryers can be additionally equipped with a dust collection system during the mixing process, a vapor removal system