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Backal Food Sp. z o.o. bid statement. Ltd.
Product Price per 1 kg

Pumpkin GWS A (China) a'25 kg 11,30 PLN
Pumpkin GWS AA (China) a'25 kg 14,40 PLN
Pumpkin Shine Skine A (China) a'25 kg 13,00 PLN
Pumpkin Shine Skine AA (China) a'25 kg full truck 15,00 PLN
Pumpkin Snow White (China) a'25 kg 10,90 PLN
Polish pale peeled pumpkin a'25 kg 15,00 PLN
Pumpkin gleisdorfer a'25 kg 16,20 PLN
Dark confected pumpkin (Ukraine) a'25 kg 17,50 PLN
Sesame 99.90% (India) a'25 kg 8,80 PLN
Sesame 99.95% (India) a'25 kg 0,00 PLN
Sesame 99,98% (India) a' 25 kg 9,50 PLN
Black sesame (India) a'25 kg 11,50 PLN
Coconut chips Fine fat 55% (Indonesia) a'25 kg 5,60 PLN
Medium coconut chips (Vietnam) a'25 kg 7,50 PLN
Coconut chips Extra fine fat 63% (Indonesia) 6,00 PLN
Bakery poppy seeds (EU) a'25 kg 10,40 PLN
Blue poppy (Czech Republic) a'25 kg 12,20 PLN
White poppy seeds a'25 kg 12,30 PLN
Chia seeds (Paraguay) a'25 kg 9,20 PLN
Chia seeds (Uganda) a'25 kg 0,00 PLN
Hulled bakery sunflower a'25 kg 3,50 PLN
Flaxseed 99.90% a'25 kg 2,63 PLN
Flaxseed 99,95% a'25 kg 2,70 PLN
Golden flaxseed 99.95% a'25 kg 3.95 PLN
Flaxseed BIO 99.95% a'25 kg 4.75 PLN
Golden flaxseed BIO 99.95% a'25 kg 6,40 PLN
Caraway (Poland) a'25 kg 5,00 PLN
Cashew nut LP a'10 kg 21,00 PLN
Hazelnut (Turkey) 0,00 PLN
Walnut (40% halves) a'10 kg 24,30 PLN
Walnut ¼ a'10 kg 22,00 PLN
Peanut half a'15 kg 8,00 PLN
Peanut cube 2/4 4/6 a'15 kg 7,90 PLN
Peanut flake 9,10 PLN
Blanched almonds USA 33,50 PLN
Almonds cube USA 32,40 PLN
Flaked almonds 0,7 31,50 PLN
Almond flour 0,00 PLN
Goji berries 33,50 PLN
Raisin (Uzbekistan) a'10 kg 5,95 PLN
Raisin (China) a'10 kg 5,60 PLN
RaisinA Malayer (Iran) 7,90 PLN
Malayer grade A raisin (India) a'10 kg 7,30 PLN
Malayer grade B raisin (India) a'10 kg 6,05 PLN
Thompson Jumbo Raisin (Chile) a'10 kg 8,30 PLN
Dried apricot "6" (Turkey) a'5 kg 11,00 PLN
Dried apricot "8" (Turkey) a'5 kg 8,90 PLN
Eliot Chile dried plum 0,00 PLN
Dried plum Aslock 70/80 (Argentina) 9,30 PLN
Dried plum Aslock 80/90 (Chile) 9,30 PLN
Cut cranberries (USA) 16,50 PLN
Roasted apple 60% a'12 kg 3,00 PLN
Roasted apple 60% with cinnamon a'12 kg 3,05 PLN
Roasted apple 85% a'12 kg 3,20 PLN
Buckwheat groats a'25 kg 3,00 PLN
Bulgur groats a'25 kg 0,00 PLN
Buckwheat 0,00 PLN
Buckwheat groats (Ukraine) 4,40 PLN
Powdered sugar a'10 kg 2,85 PLN
Pomada F20 carton a'15 kg 2,83 PLN

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