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Welcome to the world of growing Gleisdorfer pumpkin in Poland. This variety originated in Austria, but has been successfully grown in our country for about 15 hundred years. Backal Food is a leader in this sector, helping agricultural producers implement the cultivation of shelled pumpkins on their farm. We guide the farmer through the entire production process: from seed acquisition to cleaning. We supply the machinery fleet necessary for production (such as seeders, specialized harvesters or dryers). We are the only company in all of Europe to organize the Gleisdorfer Pumpkin Growers' Festival combined with an agricultural machinery fair for pumpkin seed cultivation and production.

Backal Food also specializes in importing raw materials from countries of origin, i.e. India, Indonesia, Argentina, Paraguay, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and other countries producing nuts and grains. We supply leading companies in the bakery and confectionery industry and customers from the HoReCa channel. We fulfill orders from Poland, Western and Central-Eastern Europe or the Baltic countries. We offer our customers high-quality products that meet market expectations. We carefully select suppliers and continuously improve our processes.

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